Records and Documents

Records and Documents from over 150 years ago are not always easy to find, and those that can be found are sometimes inaccurate or incomplete. For the disaster of the William Nelson, we collected all of the records and documents that we could find. Some of those that will have the most interest are shown below. If someone has additional documents, feel free to tell us about them and they might be appropriate to be added to this page. We welcome improved translations.

See Captain Smith’s Original Report.

Der Brand des William Nelson

Swiss Passenger List

Christian Tschantz: On a Burning Ship

Swiss Consul Hitz letter to Seward

Several sailors gave their depositions to the U.S. Consul at Le Havre after they were rescued. One of those depositions, by Peter Miller, can be seen in this link. All of the sailors gave information in their depositions that was intended to exonerate the crew and Captain Smith.

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